Light Post

5 05 2007

My last few post were heavy but I am moving forward – that is what God wants – He wants us to move forward and not be bogged down by the past.  So…

The Royals, 10-20. Ouch!  I was hoping for better.  Our hitting is suffering and is not great!   Our bullpen is giving up to many runs and Buddy Bell is  making poor decisions.  Dayton Moore knew what he was doing when he signed Gil Meche.  All I gotta say about him is WAY TO GO!  3-1 and has 7 quality starts out of 8 attempts.  He is giving up 2.25 runs a game.  We can win games giving up only 2 runs.  I still think we will win 70 games.  I still think we won’t loss 100 games. I can always hope (and yes that hope is not certain like another hope that I have).

What about Chiefs?  Well, I don’t know.  We are getting a brand new team.  It will be interesting starting in a couple months to see what is going to happen.  Are we finally going to attempt to train a young QB instead of going to veteran like Green or Damon.  What about the offensive line?  We didn’t draft any Offensive Linemen?  Will the number 1 draft choice be an impact player? 

Oh, remember God is here in our midst and he gives us everything we need…do I trust him? Do we trust him?




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