Good thoughts / My own thoughts (may not be so good :))

16 04 2007

“Paul made it clear that we are locked in spirtual warfare.  Spritual warfare does have physical and emotional results.  We don’t talk about this very often because it just doesn’t sound too pleasant.  It does not change the fact that sin won a battle, and we have lost two strong and faithful leaders.  There are biblical counselors and ministers who will rally around the casualities, which includes the affected families.  The rest of us must remain focused on the mission and PRESS ON (caps mine)…We need to put on the full armor of God.  We need to tighten the belt of truth a little tighter.  We need to hold our shield of faith a little closer.  We need to strap on the helmet of salvation and move forward.  We have capable leaders to take up the mantle of leadership, and there are still lots of people who need to hear the Gospel.

-From a Daily Devotional sent out by WFC

Another thought – another piece of armor – the shoes – the gospel – can give us confidence

Am I shaken?  Yes!  Am I willing to let Satan get another casualty? NO…HECK NO!  Am I tired of people in society doing wrong and making it “OK” ?  YES and then a brother or sister in Christ fall into temptation because of the World’s message.  I have known to many people lately falling victim to sexual sin – and it is easy to do, but God is bigger and when it comes to sin sometimes we need to flee and sometimes we just have to fall on our knees. 




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