Value of Mentorship/SPORTS commentary!!!

31 03 2007

Okay, so I have always been in a peer Small Group my entire life.  I even led a peer group, but I also knew that I was lacking something and that something was a mentoring relationship with older women.  Well, the last three years God has  brought some incredible women into my life.  I meet every other week with one of my mentors and great friends and then once a quarter with the other plus e-mailing her when I am needing advice!!! (which is quite often 🙂 ).   I am truly thankful that God has put me on this journey with these two women – they are dear to my heart. 

Okay, so I need to say this – the Royals WILL be better this year.  How much better I don’t know.  They are saying that we are in the toughest division…we shall see.  Let’s hope our pitching boys can hold a lead in the late innings.

About NCAA tourney, I am disappointed that the Hawks lost.  I really had them going to the final four.   Next year KSU and KU will be better. The Cats will have a great shooter in Beasley and we need to keep in the college game for a little while….

Well there you have my short sports commentary!  LET’S GO ROYALS!




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