13 03 2007

There was  a big article on a former church that I went to in the Kansas City Star on Sunday and was talking about finances.  I could rant about my experiences while attending the church but instead I will focus on something that was in the article that was said, “Most industry and most churches do not publish that because of the privacy of the employee, among other reasons…But I can say that the board has approved everything, and the board represents the congregation.”  Okay, let me go on it also states that when a person who requested information – here are his words…”He would not open his books or give us the financial statements so I could take it to the banks to get the loan…I told him “you’ve got to be transparent’…it goes on to say “And I said, …, you can’t do this.  I have stood up on your stage and asked people to give money.  I’ve to to have the books.  And he finally said ‘I’m not going to give you the books.”  According to this person, he said “there’s the door”.  I hate to gossip but any accusation like this needs to be handled by the church and the board needs to tell this pastor – we need to be trasparent.

 I am so thankful that I moved from that church because from my experience at the church it sounds like the truth.  This church is very materialistic – they need the latest technology (they had flat screens prior to them being big).

Now, I have to say THANK YOU to the church I belong to now.  They are transparent and they allow members to see their finances and say you can get a line by line budget plus expenses.  Thank you that you feel that you are a church representing Christ and are above reproach in this area.  I know that all people have flaws but I really feel good about giving money to this church and the work it is doing.  I am making a big step of faith on commitment Sunday and if I had doubts of where the money would go I wouldn’t give.  So THANK YOU!




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