Value of Mentorship/SPORTS commentary!!!

31 03 2007

Okay, so I have always been in a peer Small Group my entire life.  I even led a peer group, but I also knew that I was lacking something and that something was a mentoring relationship with older women.  Well, the last three years God has  brought some incredible women into my life.  I meet every other week with one of my mentors and great friends and then once a quarter with the other plus e-mailing her when I am needing advice!!! (which is quite often 🙂 ).   I am truly thankful that God has put me on this journey with these two women – they are dear to my heart. 

Okay, so I need to say this – the Royals WILL be better this year.  How much better I don’t know.  They are saying that we are in the toughest division…we shall see.  Let’s hope our pitching boys can hold a lead in the late innings.

About NCAA tourney, I am disappointed that the Hawks lost.  I really had them going to the final four.   Next year KSU and KU will be better. The Cats will have a great shooter in Beasley and we need to keep in the college game for a little while….

Well there you have my short sports commentary!  LET’S GO ROYALS!

Mind battles

27 03 2007

Okay, so I have had a good few weeks.  In my Life Group, we are finishing the book Captiviting.  It was okay.  This last chapter talked about Spiritual Warfare.  It was interesting…yesterday, got an e-mail from a friend and a war was set off in my mind.  I know this is serious because some of the worst things about me come out when this happens.  Well thankfully, I had my Life group last night and shared that I was struggling with mind battles – it is reassuring that these ladies go into battle for me on a daily basis. 

“A final word: Be Strong with the Lord’s might power.  Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies and tricks of the Devil.  For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen word, against those mighty power of darkness who rule this word, and against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms.” – Ephesians 6:10-12

It has become more and more clear to me that each time I believe the enemy he is closer to destroying me  – for the enemy steals, kills, and destroys.  Just something that hit me last night.

MARCH Madness

16 03 2007

It looks like the Hawks came prepared this year.  I have a feeling the will go a long ways in the tournament.  The Big 12 is 3 out of 4 right now with A&M playing tomorrow against Louisville – tough game.

The Wildcats play in the NIT Monday night against DePaul (who KU lost to…).  Bram is selling seats like hot cakes – GO WILDCATS!! We will back next year with Beasley and Walker. 

Illinois got robbed and VA Tech had no business winning that game – the officals blew a call at the end of the game!  Notre Dame lost 🙂  Today’s games were better than yesterdays although Duke got knocked off by Virgina Commonwealth which makes me happy.

Baseball season begins in less than 3 weeks.  Teahen looks good in the outfield so the adjustment is going smooth.  Okay, sports update out of the way!


13 03 2007

There was  a big article on a former church that I went to in the Kansas City Star on Sunday and was talking about finances.  I could rant about my experiences while attending the church but instead I will focus on something that was in the article that was said, “Most industry and most churches do not publish that because of the privacy of the employee, among other reasons…But I can say that the board has approved everything, and the board represents the congregation.”  Okay, let me go on it also states that when a person who requested information – here are his words…”He would not open his books or give us the financial statements so I could take it to the banks to get the loan…I told him “you’ve got to be transparent’…it goes on to say “And I said, …, you can’t do this.  I have stood up on your stage and asked people to give money.  I’ve to to have the books.  And he finally said ‘I’m not going to give you the books.”  According to this person, he said “there’s the door”.  I hate to gossip but any accusation like this needs to be handled by the church and the board needs to tell this pastor – we need to be trasparent.

 I am so thankful that I moved from that church because from my experience at the church it sounds like the truth.  This church is very materialistic – they need the latest technology (they had flat screens prior to them being big).

Now, I have to say THANK YOU to the church I belong to now.  They are transparent and they allow members to see their finances and say you can get a line by line budget plus expenses.  Thank you that you feel that you are a church representing Christ and are above reproach in this area.  I know that all people have flaws but I really feel good about giving money to this church and the work it is doing.  I am making a big step of faith on commitment Sunday and if I had doubts of where the money would go I wouldn’t give.  So THANK YOU!


8 03 2007

I guess I had a questioning posting a few weeks ago.  God is so good.  I have had some great time with God and he is so willing to lead me when I am open to it (yes, I can be hard headed).  He has led me to do something for this campaign only God can do – this is a step of faith for me.  God really convicted me when Dave said Sunday giving what you can afford isn’t faith – so I am taking a step of faith during this two years. 

I did talk to someone and got my questions answered…but this did not affect the amount I decided on…

So that’s how it going…

Trusting – Faith

4 03 2007

Okay, so we are in the midst of messages and something Pastor Dave said really hit me.  It convicted me.  He said something along these lines giving what you can afford is not faith – it is giving what you can’t afford and trusting God to provide for you (it may not be money – but people giving you want you really need).  I love when Dave said he is not interested in our comfort but our character.  I have seen God work in amazing ways – not necessarily big things in my life but in the life of a friend of mine and then at church.  If you don’t have faith after a week like this – I can truly say God was at work – then I don’t know when I would have faith.  Lord, let me trust you more completely with every aspect of my life…