Exciting Times

4 02 2007

I am truly excited for the game this Wednesday between KSU and KU.  KSU is over acheiving…the team is doing things incredible and we have a chance to actually win the Big 12.  A & M is a great team and hopefully Texas will know them off tomorrow on Big Monday.

Westside is doing a series on American Idols – the whole thought is “You shall have no God’s before me.”  It has taken a look at Celebrity Worship, Money, and today the message was on Beauty/Sex and he spent a lot of time talking about Internet Porn which has impacted a lot of peoples lives.  He gave some great steps – read books, talk about it, and also have accountability – I think the two Talk about it is important – the more it hides the more power it has over your life and accountability – until you are accountable you will most likely fall – two is better than one.  It has been a good message series so far…

God is working in my life and I am grateful.  I have had some pretty calm weeks – have you noticed the more you pray, the more you hand things over to God, the more you rely upon the PROMISES of God the more peace you have in your life…that’s true in my life right now…




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