The Week that was

5 01 2007

Okay, so it has been a pretty quiet week!  I basically hung out at home a lot this past week.  I think that is good since I have a busy schedule starting soon.  My Life Group starts back up on Monday and let me tell you I missed them!  I missed the laughes, the sharing, the praying together, and studying the Word, and most of all the accountability.  I am excited to see everyone! 

I have two days off again this week.  One day is going to be appointments and possibly a lunch with a friend and then Friday is my annual personal retreat for goal setting and planning for the year. 

Overall, a good week.  I am blessed and so thankful that God is speaking to me right now about so many areas of my life – where to begin is the question.

Oh the Chiefs play the Colts tomorrow in Indy ( a great town).  I have been in the dome where the Colts play and it is pretty cool – it’s right next to the convention center.  I went to Indianapolis when I was in High School and Louisville, KY for a Youth Conference.




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