18 12 2006

Okay, so you are probably wondering what mugs mean…I had my Life Group Christmas Party and we went to Walls of Clay where each one of us got a mug and decorated it with a symbol and passed them around until all 8 symbols were on the mug.  I chose a dog to begin with but it didn’t work so I chose a paw print (go with darker colors with a little paint so that way it outlines it and you fill it in – just a hint).   I love dogs and want one so bad (i.e. one of my co-workers got a six week old golden retriever and it  was so cute)and that’s why I picked a paw print!  Anyway, we had a lot of fun.  We were pushing it to get done by 9 which is the time they close.  It was a good time and my hesitation going because of me thinking “I don’t do that type of thing and I am not an artist.”  ANYONE, can do this.  I was really amazed.  

I am so looking forward to getting together in two weeks on January 8.  My heart is full of love for these women. 

Oh, yes KSU is 7-3 in basketball.  We are doing okay.  We could play Wichita State this next week and that game will be tough for us to win.




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