Christianity and Politics

15 12 2006

Okay, I am hitting a hot topic tonight – Christians and the role it plays in politics.  I do believe that your beliefs effect every issue and how you deal with the social issues of the day – I am talking yes, about abortion and gay marriage, but what about charity and government welfare to people.  If you are conservative you must believe that instead of government handouts that the CHURCH should do it.  The CHURCH (when, I talk about the CHURCH I am NOT talking about a building I am talking about the people in the Church).  God commands us to love others and love those who are not like us for what credit is that to us. 

I am sick and tired of people narrowing Social conservatives to one or two issues.  We have a bigger platform and a platform that should reach to every belief that we hold. 

Isn’t Christianity bigger than Abortion and Gay Marriage?  Yes, I am against those but more importantly I am FOR how God created Marriage and how GOD created man.  The two passages I think of is Genesis – when God created Adam and Eve and then for abortion how can you dispute Psalm 139. 

God created us to be HIS body and that means reaching out to the people around us.  They may not like us all the time but we are told to LOVE them and pray for them.  Where do you find the basis of your beliefs???




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