9 12 2006

Wow, I have not updated this blog in a real long time.  I have another blog that is more current.  I have been busy this week between my Life Group Monday night where we discussed sharing Christ and Jesus’ prayer in John 17.  I worked Tuesday for Child care.  I still enjoy working the child care on Tuesday night especially when it helps me money wise.  I am thinking about Merle’s talk this past Sunday and thinking of what I am consumed by – things of the world (money, possessions, jobs) or things of eternal value (such as friendships, my relationship with God). 

Something I am studying really hit me.  I have been looking at the first 8 chapters of Jeremiah and noticed how God really wanted the Isrealites to forsake their idols and turn to him.  The question I had to ask myself is this – am I listening to myself or am I listening to God?  Am I walking in obedience or am I trying to control my circumstances?  Just some challenging questions I had to ask myself.

This weekend is going to be quiet – tonight nothing and tomorrow nothing.  I was very busy last week so it is going to be nice to be at home especially since I am getting over a cold and sinus infection. 




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