31 12 2006

The KC Chiefs won today and needed three teams to loss to go to the playoffs and all three teams lost – thanks Pittsburgh, thanks San Francisco, thanks New England.

Now, we play a great team in Indianapolis on Saturday at 3:30.  I was going to go to a Chili Dinner next Saturday now depending on how the Chiefs start the game will determine if I go…I think a lot of people feel that way in KC.

Unbelievable…I can’t believe it.  GO KC CHIEFS!


29 12 2006

So, we begin a New Year on Monday.   A new year brings new goals, new ideas, new desires.  I begin a new year by taking some time and do some goal setting, praying, and having a personal retreat.  This week has been real busy at work and to be honest I am dead tired physically and emotionally.  I don’t feel like doing anything tonight or being around people  so I won’t – watch a few TV shows or movies and then go to bed. 

I went and saw “Night at the Museum” on Christmas day and it was pretty cute.  I enjoyed Robin Williams, Owen Wilson and then the Sparten.  I give it 3 out 5 stars.  It was not as good as some of the movies I saw in September and the beginning of October.



23 12 2006

I just wanted to say it’s almost Christmas!

What are the traditions that you have?  I am busy tonight and then going over tomorrow night to celebrate Christmas with my parents.  This is going to a quiet Christmas due to my nieces and my sister staying in Charlotte. 

K-State is 9-3 and we play New Mexico tonight.  This might be a good game.  Go State!

The Chiefs season is being played out and hopefully we’ll win against Oakland and Jacksonsville.  Go Chiefs!

I just saw that the football game between KSU and Rutgers will be on channel 200 on the Time Warner extended channels.  I am getting excited for this game.  Thank goodness for the free preview 🙂

KU looked real good today except stupid channel 5 cut away to Ohio State vs. Florida.  


18 12 2006

Okay, so you are probably wondering what mugs mean…I had my Life Group Christmas Party and we went to Walls of Clay where each one of us got a mug and decorated it with a symbol and passed them around until all 8 symbols were on the mug.  I chose a dog to begin with but it didn’t work so I chose a paw print (go with darker colors with a little paint so that way it outlines it and you fill it in – just a hint).   I love dogs and want one so bad (i.e. one of my co-workers got a six week old golden retriever and it  was so cute)and that’s why I picked a paw print!  Anyway, we had a lot of fun.  We were pushing it to get done by 9 which is the time they close.  It was a good time and my hesitation going because of me thinking “I don’t do that type of thing and I am not an artist.”  ANYONE, can do this.  I was really amazed.  

I am so looking forward to getting together in two weeks on January 8.  My heart is full of love for these women. 

Oh, yes KSU is 7-3 in basketball.  We are doing okay.  We could play Wichita State this next week and that game will be tough for us to win.

Christianity and Politics

15 12 2006

Okay, I am hitting a hot topic tonight – Christians and the role it plays in politics.  I do believe that your beliefs effect every issue and how you deal with the social issues of the day – I am talking yes, about abortion and gay marriage, but what about charity and government welfare to people.  If you are conservative you must believe that instead of government handouts that the CHURCH should do it.  The CHURCH (when, I talk about the CHURCH I am NOT talking about a building I am talking about the people in the Church).  God commands us to love others and love those who are not like us for what credit is that to us. 

I am sick and tired of people narrowing Social conservatives to one or two issues.  We have a bigger platform and a platform that should reach to every belief that we hold. 

Isn’t Christianity bigger than Abortion and Gay Marriage?  Yes, I am against those but more importantly I am FOR how God created Marriage and how GOD created man.  The two passages I think of is Genesis – when God created Adam and Eve and then for abortion how can you dispute Psalm 139. 

God created us to be HIS body and that means reaching out to the people around us.  They may not like us all the time but we are told to LOVE them and pray for them.  Where do you find the basis of your beliefs???

Lamar Hunt

14 12 2006

As coverage of the Chiefs Owner and Founder Lamar Hunt rolls on – Here are some interesting things taken from the day –

  • He was Humble – people say he was an ordinary guy even though he was wealthy.
  • His wife said he loved the Lord in a quiet way
  • He knew there was a deeper meaning to life
  • He is in seven Hall of Fame
  • The AFC Championship tropy is named for him
  • He coined the phrase “Super Bowl”
  • He helped found the Major League Soccer League and was owner of three teams
  • He was an small owner of the Chicago Bulls

He had a legacy – Look at his ripple effect.    What is going to be my legacy?  Something I do think about at this young age….

Recommended Movie

13 12 2006

I don’t know if you have seen “End of the Spear”.  My Life Group finished our study in Evangelism by showing this movie.  It is about the journey of Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, and a couple of other missionaries to Central America.  I would recommend it!

Moving Day

12 12 2006

I have decided to move to this blog.

I just decided to dedicate all my energy to this one plus it is a little nicer blog.  Anyway, not much happened today.  Stay tuned for future entries!


9 12 2006

Wow, I have not updated this blog in a real long time.  I have another blog that is more current.  I have been busy this week between my Life Group Monday night where we discussed sharing Christ and Jesus’ prayer in John 17.  I worked Tuesday for Child care.  I still enjoy working the child care on Tuesday night especially when it helps me money wise.  I am thinking about Merle’s talk this past Sunday and thinking of what I am consumed by – things of the world (money, possessions, jobs) or things of eternal value (such as friendships, my relationship with God). 

Something I am studying really hit me.  I have been looking at the first 8 chapters of Jeremiah and noticed how God really wanted the Isrealites to forsake their idols and turn to him.  The question I had to ask myself is this – am I listening to myself or am I listening to God?  Am I walking in obedience or am I trying to control my circumstances?  Just some challenging questions I had to ask myself.

This weekend is going to be quiet – tonight nothing and tomorrow nothing.  I was very busy last week so it is going to be nice to be at home especially since I am getting over a cold and sinus infection.